Forming Partnerships with Small Business Entrepreneurs to Build Great Companies

Unlike most private equity and investment firms, Lampstand actively pursues investments in small businesses at the lowest end of the middle market. Lampstand brings a unique understanding to the challenges faced by these owners and entrepreneurs because we have significant experience in these roles

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is to foster collaborative relationships with the management teams of our partner companies.  We seek to elevate our partner companies into industry leaders by providing greater resources, oversight, management accountability, and long-term planning.  To accomplish these goals we rely on the following processes.

Create Appropriate Deal Structure and Align Incentives

Strong relationships with our financing partners allow us to create flexible investment structures that ensure we satisfy owner priorities and establish attractive incentive plans for our management teams. This allows our management partners to reap rewards from our collective success.

Establish Measurable Short Term and Long Term Goals
At closing, Lampstand works in conjunction with our management partners to develop a straightforward, effective, and actionable plan aimed at creating long-term value for all stakeholders.  Together, we develop a shared strategic vision and timeline to identify and implement operating improvements in the core business and to pursue growth opportunities. This planning process enables us to mobilize resources to ensure sufficient investment in operations and personnel.

Maintain a Long Term Perspective
As a non-traditional investment firm, our exit horizon is not determined by the life of a fund, but rather the market and the needs of the company and its managers. Consequently, we are willing to invest the required time and energy over an extended horizon to build sustainable businesses that will create significant value for all stakeholders.

Unwavering Commitment to Our Partner Companies
Lampstand works side-by-side with our management partners.  While we do not seek an operating role in our partner companies, we do not shy away from assuming interim or project-based positions.  Our mission is to assist management teams to grow the core business, evaluate and integrate add-on acquisitions, and provide the necessary resources to achieve our mutual long term objectives. To accomplish this goal, we leave no stone unturned. We utilize our extended network to augment the existing team and provide appropriate counsel as needed.