Committed to Growing Small Businesses

Lampstand is actively seeking opportunities to partner with established companies in traditional and niche industries that would benefit from growth capital, industry consolidation, increased scale, additional management depth, or a new capital structure.  

Specifically, we are interested in companies that possess a majority of the following characteristics.

  • Family or entrepreneurially managed private businesses
  • Established companies with proven products and services and predictable cash flows
  • Stable or growing revenue with EBITDA or operating profit of at least $1.0 million
  • Strong potential for organic growth and/or industry consolidation
  • Clear customer value proposition with sustainable competitive advantage
  • Diverse customer base with high retention rates

Targeted Industries:

  • Education and Training
  • Automotive Aftermarket Services
  • Healthcare and Veterinarian Services
  • Midstream Oil & Gas Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Business Services